serve the underprivileged
raise awareness
develop self-sustainability


Global Empathy Now, Inc. NFP is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt charitable non-profit.

We aim to serve the underprivileged, raise awareness, and develop self-sustainability in a global framework.  
We are advocates for empathy paired with action. This means we work to be cooperative listeners and committed givers, aiming to understand and involve those in need.
We do not take fees for our work. We apply donations directly toward the project at hand.



In 2013, Global Empathy Now built the GEN & Ian McKeever Orphanage to house 30 at-risk children who attend the CHETI School in Tanzania. These are children whose parents have died or whose family is unable to support them. Children receive meals and have medical needs attended to by school matrons. 

There is now an URGENT need for a protective perimeter to be built around this orphanage to ensure the safety and well-being of the local students. 

If we do not protect this orphanage, the facility may be closed and children forced back into dangerous circumstances.


Since 2010 Global Empathy Now has assisted CHETI School of Tanzania (500+ students) on an ongoing basis, providing the following:

Desks, books, and other educational resources
Food / lunch for students in need (now by Mom2Mom Africa)
Solar panels for access to energy and light in order to study and be safe at night
Financial assistance in providing access to clean water
Funds for school construction / re-construction / roofing / walls
Construction of the Global Empathy Now & Ian McKeever orphanage for at-risk children

Never underestimate your capabilities in this world. You can change a life forever by slightly altering your own. 


Safe Perimeter 
Raising $6,000 to build a safe perimeter around our orphanage that satisfies the new Tanzanian regulation for orphanages

Solar Project
Covering the C5 CHETI School center to provide energy / educational resources for over 250 children and their teachers 

Secondary School Construction
Giving students the chance to someday attend high school and/or university (Mom2Mom Africa) 

"The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world's problems."
- Mahatma Gandhi


Location: East Africa
Population: ~55 million

74% of TZ children live in multidimensional poverty
29% of TZ children live in households below the monetary poverty line
26% of TZ children experience monetary and multidimensional poverty

Empathy paired with intelligence can cause great strides in humankind.






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